Girls in Costa Rica Exposed!

Costa Rica professional girls & independent escorts are in hot demand these days, and with good reason. When my neighbor first returned from Costa Rica with stories of his Costa Rica brothel adventures, I didn’t believe him – I shrugged it off as exaggeration. But when I experienced it for myself in 2002, I was instantly hooked….and couldn’t wait to return! Before this Costa Rica trip I’d visited my share of brothels and eros centres in Europe and Asia, and thought I’d seen everything. But Costa Rica girls are known to shock even the most well-traveled pleasure seekers. After all, the small tropical nation provides the ultimate combination:

costa rican girls

Asian soapy massage girls are a Costa Rican treat!

  • Stunning South American chicas
  • Imported working girls from Asia & Eastern Europe

Since my first eye opening journey, I’ve made visits to Costa Rica an annual event, knowing full well that I can do better there than anywhere else in the world. In fact I would challenge any sex traveler to find a place that offers a comparable level of quality, variety, price, and governmental open-mindedness. Asian and European red light districts have absolutely nothing on Costa Rica…and it’s all just a short plane trip away. But it’s not the proximity that makes it special. It’s something else.

Costa Rica girls tend to work in one two types of brothel. One caters to tourist travel, while the other serves locals and more experienced travelers. I’m not ashamed to tell you that the first time I visited I fell into a very touristy brothel. As a newcomer, every time you see one of the Costa Rica brothels you won’t know if it’s a tourist trap or a gold mine. But I was lucky & got a decent value on acceptable quality women. I returned home quite satisfied, which is what really matters I guess. In later visits though, I learned what was truly possible to find in this tiny nation! After meeting a couple local insiders and venturing out with them, I was guided into a whole other level of sex services. The places they took me to weren’t like the places I’d been before, and were definitely not listed in the yellow pages!

Costa Rica Brothel Guru Reveals All!

The better Costa Rica escort services and brothels excel in discretely serving their selective customers. In addition to catering to almost any fantasy, they also provide several advantages over the main street brothels. They are a starting point for most of the imported girls from Asia and Eastern Europe, with unbelievably low prices compared to the tourist brothels. And outside of the higher-class Costa Rica escorts, girls here are generally newer in the profession, and most have no limits. One downside is the lack of foreign languages spoken by these girls – many times unless you speak Thai, Russian, or Czech, you won’t be able to communicate other than simple price negotiations. To me this actually makes the experience even more exotic, but it might bother some guys.

san jose escorts

San Jose independent hotel room masseuse.

During recent years, I’ve tried to take at least one friend or neighbor with me on each trip. And each time almost without fail, their comments on the flight home echo the same. Firstly, they’re simply shocked at what they have just experienced. Once a man has lived every sexual fantasy he’s ever had there is an unmistakable look in his eye! It happens to me too in Costa Rica – whether I’m craving a young blond Russian girl or a strong dark latin woman, my thirsts are quickly and easily quenched there.

The other thing my friends all repeat is that I should open a tour business for men visiting Costa Rica. Not that the idea isn’t appealing on a certain level….I think I could handle such a work week without much stress! Honestly though I’m pretty settled in southern California and a relocation to become a sex tour guide would probably be too much of a shock to my system. For now, my once or twice a year adventures are more than enough to satisfy my adventurous spirit. I did take my friends’ advice to heart though.

Who Else Wants A CR Happy Ending?

Over the past several months I’ve worked on the task of collecting, organizing, and publishing a guide to the Costa Rica sex industry. With one goal in mind; to take a newcomer by the hand and lead him directly and safely to the greatest sexual experience of his life! Not only have new visitors given great reviews and feedback, I’ve even been contacted by seasoned locals thanking me for sharing this wealth of knowledge. I knew there was a small demand for a Costa Rica pleasure guide, but the initial responses continue to amaze me. Inside this tell-all guide, you will discover:

hotel masseuse

Costa Rica street girl.

  • Sniff out the hottest girls in Costa Rica
  • Avoid the Traps when shopping for Costa Rica sex
  • Leaf through vast Club & Massage Parlor ratings & customer reviews
  • Skip past the places on our exclusive Black List scam brothels
  • Secrets revealed on acquiring sex outside of the legal market
  • Tricks for getting sex from most hot local women for less than $10

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Updated December 2018!