Hotel Del Rey – Costa Rica Tica Comes Clean!

If you ever want to know the truth about how a Costa Rica tica operates, why not ask her yourself? That’s my theory, anyway. And after talking to hundreds of them, I feel like an authority on the Costa Rica tica!

Not that I can read their mind, or anything. I mean, let’s be honest here they’re still women! But the Hotel Del Rey tica isn’t typical. In fact, I can paint you a very detailed picture of what to expect when you enter this particular establishment known for being a hub of working Costa Rican girls.

costa rica tica

As any regular here knows, the Hotel Del Rey is far more than a typical Costa Rica brothel. It lavishes visitors with a full-service casino, sports bar, and more girls than you can shake your stick at. In fact, Costa Rica’s Hotel Del Rey might be the largest meat market in Central America.

So why not just set up shop at the Del Rey for your entire stay, and ravage all the Costa Rica ticas you can? Well, let me dispel some rumors and set the record straight on the ole Del Rey.

The biggest rookie mistake for punters is to bite on the first bait. When you first enter off of 9th street, the bar and sitting area is not to be even considered. Simply walk on through, don’t make eye contact, and whatever you do. . .don’t stop. This area is rife with scoundrels, who are either working without a license or enjoying the good “first shot at tourists” position, complete with a nearby exit to escape. Do yourself a favor and keep walking through.

Straight ahead and above is the epicenter of flesh traded, the “Blue Marlin” bar. If you’re looking for quick action, this should be your only stop. The girls in the side areas will sing to you like sirens, don’t be tempted unless you feel like wasting time & buying drinks. Best bet is to avoid the other flash in the pan distractions – Little Marlin, Monkey Bar, Key Largo, it’s all just one cheap carnival ride. Anyway, once you make it into the Blue Marlin, you’ll find the girls there don’t waste any time. Open 24 hours (but the top girls work evenings), the BM bar won’t disappoint if you’re not picky. The girls often approach you, are open to touching (in fact I swear some of them have 4 hands!), and will often begin whispering propositions into your ear. If you want quick action, for $100-$200 depending on class of girl, this is probably the easiest place to recommend. I personally have moved past the Del Rey Hotel, and if you’ve read my Costa Rica Prostitution Guide you understand why!

Enjoy your time in Costa Rica Hotel Del Rey, if that’s your destination. And I hope the insider information I’ve shared helps to make the most of it!